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Competition “Dyktando UW”

Together or separately? From a capital or a lowercase letter? The “h” itself or the “ch”? All those interested in similar linguistic dilemmas, students, doctoral students, staff and alumni of the University of Warsaw can test their mettle during the UW Dictation for the past three years.

November 24, 2022 the 3rd edition of the Warsaw University Dictation took place. This year, for the first time, not only UW students, lecturers, doctoral students or graduates could join the game, but also journalists, who could test their Polish writing skills.
The winners of the 3rd edition of the UW Dictation were:
  • dr Małgorzata Jabłońska (title of University Spelling Champion 2022)
  • Franciszek Łysek, Krzysztof Mirowski (University Vice-Champions of Spelling 2022)
  • ed. Magdalena Weiss representing analizy.pl
    (in a competition for journalists).

Journalists from such editorial offices as RMF FM, Super Express, Money.pl, Radio Nowy Świat and Wirtualna Polska also took part in the journalistic spelling competition.

UW Language Observatory

The UW Language Observatory operates as a section of the UW Center for Dialogue and Cooperation.

A dictionary of Polish neologisms, co-created by Internet users, is being created on the UW Language Observatory website. Internet users submit their suggestions, and the slogans are reviewed and edited by linguists. The site also features columns on Polish lexis. Among other things, one can read about polubovars, sanitarians, meat-eaters or smartphone makers.


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Competition “Dyktando UW”


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